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Westleigh Wonder

In the heart of the bustling North Shore, Westleigh Wonder is a testament to

Nathalie Scipioni Architects' creative prowess. This architectural marvel seamlessly merges coastal tranquility with urban sophistication, creating a residence that transcends the boundaries of conventional design.

Upon initial assessment, the architects were faced with a challenge. Post-demolition, it was revealed that the structure of the external balcony was at a higher level than the internal space, resulting in an unexpected step up in the newly defined internal area.

This unforeseen obstacle could have disrupted the seamless flow intended for the living space. Undeterred, the architects devised an ingenious solution. They decided to install a new floor internally, effectively concealing the step-up in the building.

This thoughtful adjustment not only achieved a seamless level from the kitchen to the living area but also enhanced the functionality of the space. A step-down was introduced internally to accommodate this change, ingeniously transforming what could have been perceived as a design flaw into a functional enhancement.

The transformation of Westleigh Wonder was not merely a visual spectacle but a

meticulous blend of form and function. The low ceiling heights of the existing building demanded an alternative performance solution. The architects navigated these constraints with finesse, ensuring that the design not only met but exceeded the expectations of the residents.

A soothing palette of soft and bright blue and white tones was meticulously applied within the newly defined space. These colours, reminiscent of the coastal hues, bathed the interiors in a sense of tranquillity, creating a serene ambience akin to a beachfront retreat.

Large windows framed panoramic views of the city, seamlessly merging the

coastal charm with the urban landscape just beyond the walls.

In the heart of Westleigh Wonder, the kitchen emerged as a culinary haven.

Mediterranean blue tiles adorned the walls, adding a vibrant touch, while the sleek gold accents on tapware and handles added a dash of glamour. The study, decked in luxurious teal carpet with a velvety texture, became an inviting sanctuary for work and relaxation.

More than just an aesthetically pleasing residence, Westleigh Wonder prioritized

practicality. The architects carefully integrated family-friendly elements, ensuring that every corner served a purpose, enhancing the quality of everyday living.

The completion of Westleigh Wonder stands as a testament to the architects' ingenuity. They not only overcame unexpected challenges but transformed them into opportunities for innovation. Every room, every detail, echoes their dedication to creating a space where form harmoniously dances with function. Westleigh Wonder is not just a house; it’s a living testament to the artistry of Nathalie Scipioni Architects, where coastal tranquillity meets urban sophistication in perfect harmony.