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Heritage Terrace, Lavender Bay

The Lavender Bay 1880s terrace house is located in a conservation area, and the idea was to maintain and reinstate the original heritage features of the home while keeping the configuration. We used a variety of different materials and design to do this throughout the home. Nathalie Scipioni Architects supported the client through the entire process of her renovation, from concept, approval, CA, and heritage. We designed the home to suit the client’s lifestyle.

We reinstated the features from the front façade by painting it and restoring it. We replaced the carpet in the home with new floorboards and kept the original staircase while adding a new handrail on them.

The ground floor had no internal bathroom or laundry accessible inside the property, it was only accessible from the outside courtyard. We designed a new laundry and bathroom on the ground floor. We wanted to create more natural light within the home, and we did this by adding large open doors on the ground floor towards the courtyard and putting in skylights on the top floor.

Photography: Graham Jepson